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“Why is my claim taking so long to settle?” If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question…well, you know the answer.  In the world of today’s fast paced technology driven industries, you would think insurance processing and claim handling would be a streamlined well oiled machine; unfortunately, it’s just the opposite. Oh sure there are great technological breakthroughs from processing platforms to estimating software but that’s where it stops.   At the end of the day it’s a human being that will make the decision as to how your claim will be paid, if in fact it will be paid at all.    Inexperienced adjusters, bad supervisory decisions,  heavy claim file loads, lack of communication, not responding, requesting duplicate documentation, long work hours, and finally, just taking the whole claim experience personally are just some of the reasons for an insurer’s “snail” moving claim process.   Delaying the claim payment process has been an ongoing tactic of insurers since the inception of insurance itself.    Put yourself in the the shoes of the insurance company; are you in business to make a profit or make claim payments and pay settlements?  Here’s a fact…do you know there are homeowners who cannot live in their homes,  still living in trailers in the Florida Panhandle because their Hurricane Michael claims haven’t been paid properly?  There are properties that have been damaged from Hurricane Michael that have been inspected six, seven, eight times and the homeowners are still waiting for a final decision to conclude their claim! All of us as homeowners pay a premium for a product that simply doesn’t work the way it should. There are more exclusions in a homeowners policy than there are provisions; and the list of exclusions continues to grow along with our premiums. Claim handling has become a complicated, confusing, and tedious process for the policyholder.  Without professional representation the end result will benefit the carrier and not you,  the homeowner.  Having a Public Adjuster on your side not only protects your interests as they pertain to your claim process, but will make sure you are paid properly for your damage.