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Flood Damage

There is usually a misconception about what flood damage really is. It is important to realize that your typical Florida insurance policy does not cover flood damage. A commercial of homeowner’s policy usually excludes any type of damage that can occur from rising water, water that can leak up into a basement or backed up sewers. For the purpose of insurance, the word “rising” is the key to distinguish flood damage from basic water damage. Water that has been on the ground for a wile at some point before entering your home or business is usually considered flood damage.

Home Flood Damage

For example, your toilet overflows and floods your home. This is not flood damage and would be covered by your regular homeowner’s policy providing you have no exclusion for water damage. In this case the water has not hit the ground first and the damage was caused before. If there is a hurricane or storm which causes lakes or rivers to rise and the water enters your home and causes damage, flood would come into play. This is not covered by your regular homeowner’s policy. If you live in particular areas of the country, you are required to have flood insurance due to the elevation of the land your property is built on. If you do not live in a flood zone, you are still eligible to purchase the insurance if you wish. It is important to know that all the rules and rates are created by the National Flood Insurance Program and can be marketed by any insurance company.

Since you are dealing with a government agency, these claims can be tricky as well and take time. There are time sensitive documents that must be provided to the carrier when you are dealing with a flood claim. If you are not familiar with the rules and paperwork you may end up with unintended consequences that are not in your favor. Again, this is why it is important to have an expert on your team working for you. After your house is flooded for any reason emotions can run high. Having a levelheaded expert will help you in the long run with the outcome.

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