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Underpaid or Denied Claims

Things can become very frustrating when your claim comes in under deductible or is declined. Did you know that you have 5 years to reopen a non-catastrophic claim and that you may still be entitled to a claim settlement? Many people are unaware of this and just let it go when the insurance company says no. What do you have to lose by letting your public adjuster take a look at the claim? You have nothing now and could wind up with a substantial claim settlement.

UnPaid or Denied Insurance Claims

There could be many reasons a claim was denied or underpaid. Possibly you did not give all the appropriate information regarding the damages or cause of the claim to your carrier. The insurance adjuster that comes to your property to review your damages does not work for you, they work for the insurance company. They may unintentionally miss damage or measure incorrectly. They are also not mind readers and this is why you need an expert on your side to point out all of the damage and hold their feet to the fire. You can not be expected to know everything about your policy or the rules and regulations that the insurance company must adhere too to stay in compliance.

Public adjusters do not get paid up front. They receive a portion of your claim settlement as compensation at the end of the claim. They pay for an estimate of the damage and if you get nothing, they get nothing. In all of our years in business we have never had a claim pay zero. We are honest with expectations and would refuse a claim if we do not feel that either it is necessary, or if there is really nothing we can do. We have turned down claims and even advised potential customers how to handle things themselves if we feel it is their best interest. Our intent is to build long-term lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to set proper expectations and maintain contact throughout the process, unlike so many others. All Points Claim Advisors takes pride in their work on all levels.

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