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Fire Damage

Fire damage in many cases is the most catastrophic damage that can occur because along with losing many of your physical possessions, there comes emotional loss and possibly the loss of a pet or even a loved one.

Fire Damage

Whether your fire is a small kitchen fire or a much larger event, we can pretty much guarantee that you will not realize the extent of the damage to your home or business. In many cases the smoke reaches much farther than you realize and can damage things inside your walls including insulation, electrical wiring and even plumbing. Imagine having your insulation smell like smoke and not considering that in your claim. You may need any number of different services to ensure that your home just does not look repaired but can function properly and not smell. These claims are very complex and can take a significant amount of time. Typically, the fire marshal and fire inspector will come out first and then have to clear the scene before any remediation company or public adjusters can come in. They will provide a report that you will give to your insurance company which will clear you of foul play.

One scenario comes to mind regarding a large kitchen fire in a restaurant.The owner did not want to lose business to they took extensive video and pictures of the fire and rebuilt his kitchen in tow to 3 days. When the insurance company came out to look at the damage, there was nothing to see firsthand. They explained to the insurance company why they did what they did. The claim initially came in around $4000.  After our due diligence and negotiations, we took that claim to about $120,000. Imagine such a disparity and what would have happened if our client did not retain us to help them. We do not advocate the way they handled this claim. Homeowners should always allow the insurance company to see damage firsthand. It is also advisable to not throw away damaged parts or evidence of damage until all inspections are complete. By using a public adjuster you have an advocate on your side. We have read over 1000 policies and know how to obtain proper indemnification for you according to your policy.

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