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Ricky Pierson
Chief Marketing Officer

Ricky Pierson is Pierson Media’s Founder and Creative Director. For 20+ years, he has evolved his professional portfolio and creative passions. His background in graphic design led him to web development and digital marketing. Studied Graphic Design and Marketing at Louisiana State University.  With expertise across all three arenas, Ricky has a unique eye for design, knows how to make site and content function for the best user experience, and has the ability to create and leverage brand awareness while driving website traffic.

Having navigated both boutique agencies and corporate landscapes, Ricky’s journey has been marked by impactful contributions. As an account executive at Trinity Effects, he spearheaded web and design projects, orchestrating campaigns and providing strategic consultations to clients. His role as Senior Webmaster and Videographer at Disney Information Systems (DIS) showcased his proficiency in web design, development, and multimedia content creation, including the pioneering launch of the DIS Unplugged podcast in 2005.

During his tenure at VISA, Ricky led online marketing initiatives for VISA’s LATAM markets, overseeing creative direction and campaign strategy. His multifaceted expertise encompasses digital strategy, SEO, brand identity, and paid search/social campaigns, positioning him as a recognized authority in the field.

At the core of Ricky’s philosophy is a commitment to execution and a passion for fostering a collaborative, high-performance environment. Whether initiating projects with meticulous attention to detail or inspiring his team to operate from a place of shared learning and adaptability, Ricky exemplifies a leadership style that blends big-picture thinking with proactive execution.

Beyond the professional realm, Ricky is a family man, happily married with three children. Outside of the dynamic world of digital marketing, he finds solace and inspiration in running half marathons and full marathons. His love for music takes the form of playing the guitar, providing a creative outlet to escape and rejuvenate.

What truly sets Ricky apart is his genuine desire to help people. Whether it’s guiding clients toward brand success or supporting his team’s professional growth, Ricky’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the studio.

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